agarwood tea price

Why Oud Tea Costs Higher than Other Forms of Tea?

You may have planned many turns to taste a cup of Oud tea from your favorite cafe, but every time the agarwood tea price holds you back? Oud price is higher than almost all other tea varieties. The main reason behind is its exclusivity. The rareness makes Oud wood really special!

Do you know how Oud is formed? It is a very erratic form of heartwood from Aquilaria trees. When the trees are infected by some fungi/bacteria, the Oud is formed. Oud is commonly called Agarwood and you will be heard it in many local names such as Eaglewood, Indian Aloeswood etc. Agarwood tea is created from the leaves of Agarwood trees and is not that commonly available. This is becauseĀ agarwood tea price is high in the market.

The Aquilaria trees are generally grown in tropical rainforests. The grade of Oud is determined by the climate of the place. If the trees are healthy, the color of the Oud will be pale and if the trees are infected very strongly, Oud will be very dark. The main problem in collecting Oud is that no expert can determine the treasure inside only by observing the tree. The Oud, its quality, and quantity can only be determined by cutting down the trees.

Oud Tea has many health benefits that make it worth for the cost. If you are suffering from health issues like blood pressure, hypertension, insomnia, stress or any lifestyle diseases, make drinking Agarwood tea a habit, as it is the best medical beverage.

The Oud was used for medical treatments, from the ancient periods, in Ayurveda, Arabic, Sufi, Unani, Tibetan and Chinese treatments. From this, you can understand the value of Oud. It is converted into a beverage in order to have a healthy drink for body and mind. If you drink a cup of tea daily, it helps to bind the free radicals in the body and also supports the detoxification at the same time.

Currently, the most Agarwood comes from the trees which grow in natural forests. Because of the habitat destruction and unsustainable harvesting, many species of Agarwood are on the edge of extinction. Because of these reasons, agarwood tea price is high in the market. For this very reason, to reduce the attack on trees, the genera of Aquilaria, which include different species from which Agarwood is produced are now listed on Appendix II of the Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). This further increases the costs of Oud production.

Agarwood is very precious as you can see the difficulty of the way it is formed. Only a few specific species of trees are affected by the fungus and only sometimes the fungus provokes the trees to produce the rich rare resin which makes the Agarwood so distinctive. It is also a very time consuming and lengthy process to form Oud. Now you can easily understand the exceptional features of oud tea which make it unique and expensive than any other form of tea.