oud tea

Do you Suffer from Blood Pressure? Have a Cup of Oud Tea Every Day as a Remedy!

Almost everyone loves to enjoy a cup of hot tea. If it is of any favorite flavor the interest is even more! Nowadays majority chooses herbal teas as personal preferences since the priority is getting the drift from taste to health. Herbal tisane like Oud tea can detoxify the body and mind with its medicinal effects. Agarwood Tea is a mix of predominant quality agarwood leaves and a couple of fundamental herbs carefully picked to treat and refine your body. The tea is very famous for controlling blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

You may have known about or even used agarwood essential oil or incense. A vast majority of people think Oud leaf tea in relation to Oud scents or aroma. The tea is produced using the Oud tree leaves and is a pure and delicious drink. Like the oud essential oil, agarwood tea originates from the leaves of Aquilaria trees.

The tea leaves are rich in a number of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc, all of which play imperative roles in the body. Oud tea is certainly not a commonly recognized name in the West but rather it is a popular tea in many parts of Southeast Asia. In countries like Thailand and Malaysia Oud has earned a reputation for its flavor as well as its potential restorative characteristics.

Studies have additionally been finished taking a gander at the chemical constituents of the leaves. Oud contains various polyphenols with antioxidant properties. As indicated by a research, the two main bioactive mixes in Oud leaves are genkwanin and mangiferin which are responsible for a large number of the therapeutic advantages.

From different studies, it is clear that those who drank the tea experienced an average reduction of blood pressure level. some of the benefits of Agarwood tea is that it improves the blood flow in the human body so that all the systems get good blood flow. High blood pressure (BP) is one of the main reasons behind many physical and mental health problems. Little changes in blood pressure with the dietary modifications like having tea daily, can significantly affect the prevalence of hypertension and annoyance of cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of Oud tea can improve the function of the endothelial cells, which line up the inside of blood vessels. Endothelial dysfunction is an early sign of blood pressure variation. There is rising evidence that tea and its flavonoids can create an important reward for vascular health. A habitual use of Agarwood tea can significantly lower BP in individuals and risk of certain chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Immerse yourselves in the meditative cup of the remedial drink and restore in the mending energy of Oud, a tradition with 4000 years as a testimony!