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How the Oud Tea Consumption Helps Health and Prevents Diseases?

Oud Tea or Agarwood Tea is one of the new names that have been featured on the lists of ‘clean-and-healthy-diets’. The tea is made up of the leaves of the Agarwood tree that is native to the South East Asian Countries. The Oud Tea is very beneficial for the overall improvement of the bodily functions and has astounding effects on all the biological systems in the human body. Apart from tea, the agarwood essential oil, perfumes and small tablets on which carvings are done are also popular. The following post will reflect how drinking the Agarwood Tea can make your body healthy and better suited to fight the diseases.

#1 – Improvement of Blood Flow:

Ageing, poor immunity, poor functioning of body organs and constant tiredness and dullness of mind are some of the things that are a result of poor blood flow. Tea made from the Agarwood leaves improves the blood flow which means all the body parts get proper oxygen and work properly. Alert mind and that too without the ingestion of caffeine is something that can make you happier at the mental as well as physical level.

#2 – Toxin Removal:

The human body can become a storehouse of various toxins that can prove dangerous in the long run. One of such toxins is Mercury which accumulates gradually and can lead to a number of neurological disorders. Oud Tea has been a renowned toxin remover since ages and has been used for natural cleansing of the body. It removes the toxins and toxin build-ups and thus restores the natural balance in the human body. As it removes the mercury also, it prevents the occurrence of neurological disorders as well. Apart from that, the tea has been known to reduce the LDL (Low-Density Lipids) and fight oral infections.

#3 – Healthy and Glowing Skin:

Oud Tea is full of wonderful surprises for the human body of which healthy and glowing skin is one. The tea flushes out all the toxins and has a calming effect on the nerves and body which leads to a healthier skin that radiates on its own.

#4 – Regulates the Blood Sugar:

The Agarwood Tea is known to reduce the blood sugar levels and thus helps in managing the blood sugar. The therapeutic use of the Oud Tea can help in controlling the blood sugar levels. Drinking this tea along with the medicines can also reduce your medicine dependency in the long run.

#5 – Hangover Reliever:

The Oud Tea is the best natural hangover cure one can choose. The tea removes the alcohol from your system quickly and you are ready to start your day in a fresh mood. The herbal tea can come to your rescue if you are a regular party person and are dreaded by the Mondays that come with an immense headache and pounding ears.

#6 – Weight Loss:

Controlling the weight loss is yet another one of the Agarwood Tea benefits. The herbal tea helps in boosting the metabolism and improves the digestion. Further, the tea is rich in flavonoids that help in burning the body fat.

Though the price of the Oud Tea is more as compared to the other herbal teas available in the markets online as well as offline, the health benefits are immense.

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