oud tea

Is Time-to-Time Monitoring Of Blood Sugar Tiring You?

Switch to Oud Tea and forget about Diabetes!

It is challenging to live a diabetic life. Constant monitoring of your diet and ensuring your blood sugar level under control is a demanding routine. Make Oud Tea a regular diet and keep your blood sugar under control.

Tips to Gain Absolute Benefits out of an Agarwood Tea Diet:

  1. Intake Three Cups Daily

Studies show that intake of 200-1000mg of polyphenols (present in Oud tea) daily can act as a natural remedy to a number of health issues, including diabetes; and can accelerate recovery. Amount of polyphenols per dose of tea can vary from 5-180mg, thus a dose of 3-4 cups is recommended.

  1. Low Sweet Is Key

Refrain from adding cream, milk or sugar into your daily dose of Agarwood tea. Making your Oud tea sweet will not benefit you if you are on a diet to lose weight. Sugar creates an unbalanced dietary proportion, so avoiding it is the best.

  1. A Good Morning Cup of Oud Tea

Make a cup of Agarwood Tea your Good Morning drink instead of coffee and start off your day healthily. In comparison to coffee or any other tea, Oud Tea accounts for very low levels of caffeine, which makes it a very good reason to make the switch. It has a unique ability to fill up your stomach for a whole day while accounting for the lowest amount of calories. On top of all these good reasons, it tops as a great metabolic stimulator, energizing you for a whole day!

  1. Healthy Habits and Benefits of Agarwood Tea

Drinking Oud Tea alone won’t help in bringing your sugar levels down, for a healthier life and cure of diabetes, you are recommended to balance it out with a proper diet and routine exercise. To cure and safeguard yourself from the unhealthy life of diabetes, incorporate oud tea in your daily diet and add more of low sugar fruits, green vegetables, whole grains and low-fat products, alongside strict exercises or yoga on a regular basis.