What are the Health Benefits of Agarwood Tea or Oud Tea?

Everybody loves to enjoy a hot cup of his or her favorite beverage every now and then. With an increase in the awareness of health and wellness, herbal tea to detoxify your body and improve the digestion. Herbal tea comes in various forms such as agarwood tea, green tea, ginger tea and hibiscus tea. Here we are giving a nice information about the health benefits of agarwood tea. A regular tea to wake your body up in the morning; be it a hot cuppa of coffee on a wintry morning or a shot of strong espresso to give a kick to your nerves – hot beverages are enjoyed in almost all parts of the world. An increase in the awareness of fitness, a global shift has been recognized all over the globe; especially regarding the eating habits.

One of those trends is the herbal tea. Agarwood tea is one among them and also one of the healthiest options among all the names and is derived from the leaves of the Southeast Asian tree. Agarwood or Aloeswood or Gharuwood is a resinous, dark and fragrant wood that is used in making incense, perfumes, essential oils and small carvings. The wood is obtained from the trees of aquilaria species and the essential oil obtained from it is one of the most expensive oils in the world.


The following post will explore the various health benefits of Agarwood Tea or Oud Tea so that the next hot beverage you have is healthy as well as tasty.

1. Natural Detoxifier

Oud Tea is a natural detoxifier and thus improves the overall working and immunity of the body system. The tea acts as a natural detoxifier and removes all the toxins from the body. Talking about toxins brings the discussion to mercury which is the villain of the toxin world and gets accumulated in the body in various forms. Agarwood Tea removes mercury from the system and thus prevents premature aging and other neurological diseases.

2. Gives you a Healthy and Disease Free Skin

The Agarwood tea gives you a healthy and disease free skin. Thus, drinking Oud tea will give your skin that soft glow you have always wanted; and that too without any harmful or chemical based products.

3. Relaxed Mind and Nerves

The beverage is free of caffeine and has a calming effect on your body as well as nerves. Thus, it helps in dealing with anxiety and stress. The people consuming the Oud tea also claim that it helps in having a long peaceful sleep.


agarwood tea

4. Relief from Hangover

The tea made from Oud wood has a remarkable effect on the hangover. If you are a party person and love to have a fun weekend every now and then, then the tea can come to your rescue on the Monday Mornings. It is a better and more effective way to start your week as compared to the other hangover relievers. It also helps your body to rehydrate and removes alcohol from your system quickly.

5. Weight Loss

Herbal teas have been known to promote the weight loss. Same is the case with the Agarwood Leaf Tea. The tea promotes the weight loss, one of the key benefits of agarwood tea, as it is a rich source of flavonoids that help in fat burning. This tea also improves the body metabolism which means that everything you eat gets burned properly and doesn’t get deposited in the form of fat.

6. Blood Sugar Stabilization

Blood sugar stabilization is one of the benefits of agarwood tea. As it is free of sugar and caffeine, it can be taken by the people suffering from high blood sugar. Natural blood sugar stabilizers are always better than the medicines. Taken over a long time, the Oud Tea can keep you off of these medicines.

7. Blood Flow Improvement

The Agarwood Tea improves the blood flow in the human body which means all the systems of the body get proper blood flow. Blood flow improvement is one of the main benefits of agarwood tea. All the organs work properly and thus the immunity and overall health improves.


As the essential oil, as well as the wood of agarwood tree, is one of the most expensive items in the world, the tea itself is also expensive. You can shop for the tea online. An average price is 35 to 40 USD for 50-gram tea.


Well, the Agarwood tea price is high, but the coffee and other beverages that add layers of fat to your body. So invest in some healthy beverage and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Contact us to get an early preview of the product or to partner us in retail distribution. We are getting ready to ship the products via online and offline retail touch points.