agarwood tea

Gaining Less Weight is as Easy as Drinking More?

Benefits of Agarwood Tea

Unlike many so-called “skinny tea” or “fat loss” tea by mixing herbs together without any scientific claim. Our Agarwood tea leaves contain 100% natural agarwood leaves with other herbs. Oud tea is one of the most clever refreshments that could help in the decrease of excessive weight by mobilization of fat inside the body and proliferate our metabolism.

Agarwood tea is jazzed up with flavonoids (genkwanin glycosides), which help the body to release excess fat. They aid in fat burning operation and prevent energy to be improved into physique fat. They also help improve metabolism inside our physiques. Improvement of metabolism leads to lessened fat absorption.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that fat cells exposed to certain flavonoids caused reduced degrees of an enzyme that develops triglycerides– fat in the blood. Researchers think that flavonoids may enhance the indicators of metabolic syndrome.