A Sip Of Oud Tea For A Healthy Heart

Oud tea is a heaven of tremendous health benefits. Known to prevent several types of infections, regular intake of oud tea could potentially lower the risk of certain chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. However, studies conclude that combining Oud tea with an iron-rich diet can result in reduced iron absorption, lower blood iron levels while bringing down the health benefits of Oud tea.

Why is iron required?

Our body uses the vital mineral Iron in the formation process of red blood cells and in the supply of oxygen throughout our body. The energy necessary to perform daily activities is also derived from Iron.  Lack of iron can lead to a number of abnormalities such as fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, gradual loss of memory and possible iron deficiency anemia.

Why should you be concerned?

Lack of iron in your body can result in many acute diseases. If not properly balanced can grow and become a chronic illness. Everyone, especially women and children are advised to follow an iron-rich diet to enable normal physical mechanisms.

How to balance iron and Agarwood Tea?

Follow these suggestions to maximize the health outcomes of Oud tea without compromising on the Iron benefits:

  • Drink Oud tea at least an hour before or after your meal.
  • Maintain an appropriate portion of meat, fish, and poultry in your diet, as these are rich in iron content.
  • Include Vitamin-C rich foods in your diet as it increases the absorption level of Iron into the body.
  • Pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid agarwood tea in order to avoid iron depletion.

The heart of the issue – Oud tea reduces the risk of cardiac diseases

The presence of antioxidants like flavan-3 and anthocyanidin in Oud tea enhances its health benefits. These antioxidants are extensively used to improve cardiovascular health. Moreover, agarwood tea contains ACE-inhibiting properties, which broadens blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, thereby increasing the amount of blood being pumped into the heart. All of these factors together make agarwood tea a highly enriching drink.