Health Benefits of Oud Tea

Oud Tea: A Special Drink that makes you Instantly Fresh!

Imagine a situation where you come home exhausted and have a natural drink which completely makes you fresh and lively without any side-effects. Wonderful! Isn’t it? ‘Oud Tea’ is that miracle drink that gives you an instant freshness. Unlike many energy drinks on the market, Oud Tea protects your body from severe health problems. That is, daily intake of Oud Tea provides you relief from many ailments you undergo due to lifestyle.

While you search about how Oud Tea is made, it can be understood that this miraculous beverage is made from Agarwood Tree or Oud Tree. If you look at the beverage family, you can see that Oud Tea provides the most health benefits with almost zero side effects. Oud Tea leaves derived from the Oud tree is native to the South East Asian Sub-continent. Because of its availability crisis and high demand across the world, the cost of Oud Tea will be somewhat higher than others. But comparing to its benefits, it’s nominal!

Benefits of Drinking Oud Tea:

Oud Tea/ Agarwood Tea Health Benefits

  • After your hectic work, a cup of Oud Tea produces a calm effect on the whole human body and mind. It is because its herbal formulation is very helpful to cool the mind and nerves and you can take the tea regularly in the evening without the fear of side-effects. The benefits of Oud Tea lie in the young leaves of Oud Tree so that the leaves are harvested early in the morning.
  • If you search more about Oud Tea you can see that apart from manufacturing Tea leaves, it is also used to make one of the most expensive essences, carved tablets, and various other things. Are you a party person who loves to enjoy drinks from time to time? Then you will know the feeling of the hangover.
  • The Oud Tea is one of the most ideal hangover relievers which you can be felt after your consumption. It even cleanses out your whole body. Drinking a morning cup of the Oud Tea will make you relieve from your entire hangover and wakes you up within.
  • To make you fresh and energetic, blood circulation plays a very important role. Having a completely regulated and good blood flow across the entire body not only ensures that all the body parts get proper oxygen and functions properly; it also makes your body fresh and strengthened. It increases the overall functioning of the heart, kidney, brain and all other vital organs of the human body.
  • Sometimes your weakness may be due to the gastrointestinal upset and Oud Tea has many remarkable effects as the digestive system is concerned. It purifies the human digestive tract and makes it function all well and good. The other benefit is that Oud Tea also supports to have a good sleep as it has a sedative effect on the human body.
  • Oud Tea for your Day-to-Day Life

    Oud Tea provides you so many reasons to include it in your daily life. Select the one means to take the benefits of Oud Tea and try to have this brilliant beverage for a life that is healthy, active, and balanced.

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    Health Benefits of Agarwood Tea Make Your Digestive System Smart

    Do you suffer from any digestive problem?  Or the food that you intake makes you fatter and fatter? Are you depressed while seeing your own body? Do you need a permanent solution to your digestion issues? Now, get ready for the surprise! Yes! There is a magical health drink known as Agarwood tea; Tea made from the agarwood tree. The tea is made from the Agarwood leaves of Agarwood tree. The health benefits of agarwood tea made it one of the highly demanded beverages all over the world.

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    Polyphenols Make Oud Tea a Treasure Drink from Oud Leaves

    Have you ever thought why Oud Tea is a precious drink? Oud Tea is not that easily available like other ordinary tea. The cost of agarwood tea is much higher than the other herbal tea variants; this is because of the wide medicinal benefits it gives and the difficulty in obtaining and processing of Oud which makes them scanty. For the tea, the youngest oud leaves of resinous Oud tree are harvested at a certain time usually in the early morning in order to maintain the pureness and freshness of its flavor. Continue Reading

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    Fight Gingivitis With the Health Benefits of Oud Tea and Boost Your Oral Health

    Are you concerned about your oral health and thinking of how to avoid your favorite delectable food always to keep your teeth healthy? For you, here is an exciting news! Have a cup of Oud Tea daily and forget about your oral diseases.

    Oud Tea, the widely recommended herbal does not contain caffeine and its natural hydration without sugar gives you a power punch of surprising health benefits. One among the great health benefits of oud tea is making your teeth and gum strong. For those who are in need of a perfect drink for oral health, Oud Tea is a great alternative to any hot refreshing caffeinated tea and is also a thirst quencher.

    Oud Tea strongly helps to prevent sensitivity and makes your gum strong. Make a habit of drinking Oud Tea and enjoy every hot and cold food that you wish to eat. Oud Tea is a prime element in Asian medicinal and spiritual practices from ancient time itself but did not widely incorporated it into our health regime at that time. Recently many studies have done to know different health benefits of oud tea and have published it worldwide.

    Oud Tea also reduces Gingivitis. Gingivitis is a mild gum ailment in which the gums become swollen and inflamed due to a bacterial infection. Gingivitis in its milder form will not have significant trouble initially. But if this condition is not treated, it will become a very serious gum disease resulting to receding gums and loss of teeth permanently.

    You should note that all gum diseases begin as gingivitis, but not all gingivitis grows to the level of advanced gum disease. Because of its mildness, the symptoms of gingivitis are sometimes overlooked by us. If you want to prevent the oral diseases like Gingivitis, daily intake of Oud tea can really help. Various advanced studies show that regular consumption of this popular health drink can lead to healthy teeth and gums.

    Health Benefits of Oud Tea are as Follows

    If you have the habit of drinking Oud Tea regularly, the Oral health benefits oud tea you acquire are immense.
    health benefits of oud tea

    Down on Cavities

    Oud Tea reduces the occurrences of cavity formation by minimizing the acidity of saliva. It also helps to reduce plaque formation between the teeth.
    Stronger Teeth: Oud Tea helps to reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth and protects your teeth naturally.

    No More Stinking Mouths

    Drinking Oud Tea can help you to remove the constant foul smell from your mouth. Oud Tea has the capability to kill the microbes that are responsible for bad breath.

    Polyphenols and Flavonoids

    Oud Tea which is rich in polyphenols decreases the toxic bacterial productions in the mouth. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity of flavonoids weakens periodontal diseases.

    No More Receding Gums

    Oud Tea helps to destroy the bacteria that cause infection in the gums. It makes the gum strong and prevents them from pulling away.

    Hence, it is really a nice thought to have a cup of Oud Tea daily and enjoy your preferred foods happily!